Join Assalam Community Foundation half day tours, while you will explore the life of the village, the permaculture farm tour, paying a visit to Community school and women vocational Training Center, if you would like to be hands-on, join the workshop of Cooking, Handcraft or you can even learn how to make your own compost system. Find out more from
Skydive Zanzibar brings one of the worlds most incredible experiences to Zanzibar for the very first time. Offering the once in a lifetime opportunity to both visitors and Tanzanian nationals, Skydive Zanzibar enables people of all ages to enjoy the incredible experience of skydiving over the most beautiful island in the world. Specializing in providing skydives to First Time jumpers, Skydive Zanzibar instructors can get YOU up in the air and enjoying free fall with
Thank you for everyone who joined our celebration of the soft opening of Passion Boutique Hotel. We were so happy to share the story of our Passion, an intimate 8-room project, with minimalist and rustic modern style, showcasing the furniture and decorations by local craftsmen. Creating a place where every detail has its own story and guests would feel like home away from home, perfect for a calm and relaxing stay on the edge of